Supreme Court to pronounce AGR verdict today at 11:30 am

    A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court to appoint a Chairperson and Members to the Law Commission of India within one month and make it a statutory body.

    The petition was made by Supreme Court advocate and BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay, he states that the court is the overseer of the Constitution and protects the of fundamental rights of the people, the Court should use its constitutional power to appoint the chairperson and members.

    The petition which was filed stated that the action was brought up on 31.8.2018 and stills carry-ons, the tenure of the 21st Law commission came to an end but the chairperson nor the members were not notified to extend their term of employment. The government on 19.2.2020 approved the 22nd Law commission but still the members and chairperson were not appointed.

    It is stated in the plea that the public is suffering at large as the Law commission of India is without a head since 1.9.2018 and is not able to solve public issues.

    The petitioner further pointed out the role of Law Commission and stated that the Commission researches about various types of laws made to it by the Supreme Court and High Courts, and these research helps in the formation of new laws and legislation and reforms. It also helps in reducing the cost of legal procedures, it also helps to do the work of the court more rapidly, it helps the public to get their justice at a faster rate. The Law Commission of India researches the laws which are not needed in the constitution and researches about the laws which must be updated and implemented. It also follows steps given in the Preamble.

    The Law Commission has been able to make important contribution towards progress and development of the Law of our country and it has so far submitted 277 reports.

    The petitioner has stated it is the responsibility of the court to make sure that the people are enjoying their Fundamental Rights to their fullest.