Non notification of government policies violates Article 14

    Article 14 of Indian constitution states equality before the law.

    Supreme Court said that announcement of any policy decision cannot be left neglected after the political purpose is served. It must be notified by government to every citizen within reasonable timeframe.

    This was said by bench of justices, DY Chandrachud and Indu Malhotra that policies made by government are promises to citizens and there are certain expectation from those policies. Public authorities must be held accountable for such promises made, said bench refering and criticising Jharkhand government for delaying implementation of Industrial policy 2012 promising rebate in electricity traffic to industrial units by 3 years.

    The bench also said, in a democracy government cannot exibit colonial mindset. Non implementation of policy announced within reasonable time violates Article 14.“The state must discard the colonial notion that it is a sovereign handing out doles at its will… In all its actions, the state is bound to act fairly, in a transparent manner. This is an elementary requirement of the guarantee against arbitrary state action which Article 14 of the Constitution adopts. A deprivation of the entitlement of private citizens and private business must be proportional to a requirement grounded in public interest,” the bench said.