Federal court dismisses Trump lawsuit seeking to overturn Biden’s Wisconsin win

    Donald Trump’s campaign lawsuit to reverse Joe Biden’s win in Wisconsin has been rejected by a federal judge. Trump in his lawsuit asked the court to order the legislature to name Donald Trump as the winner over Joe Biden. A recount happened in the state in last month and it declared Joe Biden as the winner with a margin of more than 20,000 votes. The judge Ludwig dismissed the case and said that Trump’s legal arguments “fail as a matter of law and fact”.
    Donald Trump, in the Wisconsin Supreme court, asked the judges to disqualify more than 2,21,000 votes in two large counties of the state i.e., Dane and Milwaukee, but he did not challenge the votes in any other county that he won. The judge said that the remedy asked in this case is the first of its kind and never asked by anyone in US history. He also labeled Trump campaign’s request as ‘not normal’.
    Liberal justice Rebecca Dallet, questioned Trump that why didn’t he raise this same concern of absentee votes during the 2016 elections and the Trump’s attorney Jim Troupis said Trump was not an aggrieved party in 2016 elections. The conservative justice Rebecca Bradley said that the court cannot reject 28,000 votes and throw them into thin air, where it also includes people who properly claimed that status. Trump’s plea included the request to disqualify absentee ballots. The circuit judge dismissing trump’s plea said that none of the Trump’s arguments have clear proofs or merits and that the law has been followed perfectly during the elections and also during the recounts.
    Trump and his allies faced a string of defeats in Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and many states across the country in lawsuits which makes unsubstantiated claims of fraud and election abuse. The US Supreme court also rejected a Texas lawsuit that requested to invalidate Biden’s win in four major states including Wisconsin.