Delhi high court directs Delhi university to provide digital degree within 7 working days to the students with the urgent need.

    The Delhi high court directed the Delhi university on Monday to issue the digital degree certificates within the 7 working days to the students who already graduated and who urgently require the document for taking admission in a foreign university or for the employment.
    “Getting a degree is an event for a student but it has really become a torture,” Justice Prathiba M Singh said.
    The order has come in a bunch of petitions where filled by the former students of the Delhi university who have not received their degree certificates even after graduating from the university a year ago. On the issue of printing the degrees, the court directed the officials of DU to confirm with the printers as what would be the timeline, which would be required to print and supply the paper degree to DU after the receipt of data and later how much time DU take in for supplying the same to the students.
    Subsequently the court directed that for future academic years university able to transfer the data to the digit locker immediately as soon as after the declaration of results of the final year, so the students won’t wait for issuance of the digital degree certificates.
    The Delhi university informed the court that the online portal they setup the online portal in that students can apply for the digital degrees, there is separate tabs available for urgent and non-urgent applicants. Student can select it according to their requirements.

    Advocate Sarthak Maggon, representing petitioner Dhritiman Ray on whose plea the earlier order on issuance of digital degree was passed, said he has received his digital degree certificate on September. He said he has received calls from around 80 students who have applied for digital degrees but have not received it.
    The high court had previously said the reason of directing issuance of the certificates digitally and through an online mechanism was to dispense with the need for physical presence of students at the college in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and additionally to streamline the manner for college students who are not in Delhi and want the record either for employment or for in addition academic purposes.